About Hayden Keith Monroe

I was born and raised in northern Ohio and have spent most of the rest of my days in North Carolina. I have studied literature, written advertising copy and spent almost twenty years writing editorials and columns for daily newspapers.

Is The Ship Of State Sinking?

It looks like some of the rats are beginning to bail out. The Republican political and business establishment was fine with Donald Trump saying anything he wanted about Muslims, hispanics, immigrants, blacks, Democrats, fellow Republicans, judges. They said nothing when … Continue reading

Malign Neglect #2

The news media has a weakness for low hanging fruit — the showy story, the obvious story, the lurid story. So, Donald Trump’s personal barbarities get maximum coverage, the soap opera, inner workings of his White House somewhat less, the … Continue reading

Malign Neglect #1

Much of the obsessive attention directed at the Trump administration centers on Trump, not on administration. But more important than what he’s tweeting may be what he is neglecting to do from incompetence, cluelessness, apathy, laziness or sheer bloody-minded contempt … Continue reading