A Boy and His Blog

Okay, so this may be a little Meta, but today’s blog post is a kind of interim report on this homemade blog, Podunk Pundit, after a shakedown cruise of several weeks.

As I have previously noted, getting this thing up and running was a little tricky for a complete tech-illiterate, but after a few bumps I have now being venting my spleen almost daily. This is not that great an accomplishment, of course.

George Will when young was offered a chance at a newspaper column and went to talk to his mentor, William F. Buckley, about the opportunity. Will said he didn’t know if he could keep thinking of topics to address to which Buckley replied, “I can think of three things a week that irritate me.” And the rest is history. Of course, as the case of Shakespeare shows, it isn’t so much the material as the style that separates the silk purses from the sows’ ears.

So far my biggest blog surprise is that people are reading the blog at all. How they found it I have no idea. I wouldn’t have. My wife, of course, had no choice. She pretty much has to feign interest. My neighbor Jane is a loyal follower, bless her heart as they say in the South.

But where have the rest of you people come from? A pleasant person from Caney, TX said a nice word. Thanks. I really appreciate it. Writers are pretty much like actors except for the good-looking part. They don’t want criticism. They want applause.

Several people wrote to say technical things were screwed up with the blog, often things I didn’t even know the blog had. Ignorance may not be bliss, but it cuts down on the angst.

Canada Goose wrote to say this blog looked like his/her old one in layout and design (it is called Aspen, I believe). And then added, “Great choice of colors.” Actually nobody chose them. They just seem to have happened and Tech Support (Brian) has been trying to figure out how to change them. So far it’s a mystery.

At least one person said they bookmarked Podunk Pundit and another said they had subscribed (after Brian figured out how to get the Subscribe Widget on the page). This is very encouraging, thank you very much. And if you decide you hate it, don’t unsubscribe. It will depress me. Instead, send future posts to spam.

Several comments seemed to be thinly disguised sales pitches for design help, tech support or gadgets like SEO Plug-ins, whatever they are. I forwarded them to Tech Support, though I think he just carried on playing Fable Anniversary on my daughter’s Xbox. They were all Greek to me.

At least one comment really was in not just a foreign tongue but what appeared to be a foreign alphabet, Cyrillic perhaps. Could it have been something I said about Putin? Thanks for sharing, anyway.

Finally, a couple people faulted me for not including contact details. Tech Support and I are trying to figure out what that means. Haven’t you contacted me? I am reading your comments, though I haven’t figured out how to reply other than this.

But I am reading you and will keep expressing my views on whatever the day brings. I’ll also keep trying to figure out what I ought to have learned about blogs before starting one. Hope you all will bear with me, keep reading and continue to chime in.

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